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Re: [f-cpu] C/VHDL code and fcpusim

hi again,

jaap stolk wrote:
> hi,
> --- Yann Guidon <whygee@f-cpu.org> wrote:
> > hi,
> sound ok, i'll wait with changing it till is get
> your snapshot.
i'll try to be fast, so you can continue to work.
i have only touched eu_rop2 and registers,
could you start integrating the *_view.c to the *.c ?

i also just created a couple of constants :
char display_color[] and char display_normal[]
which can replace your g() and n() functions.

it is very easy to use :
printf ("something : %s%16llX%s\n",
 display_color, some_data, display_normal);

> i made some small changed to the scheduler and a
> couple other files, and now register movement is
> working ok. i can even do:
> add r1,r2,r3
> nop
> move   r4,r5
> and r3 and r5 get writen to the register unit at the
> same time !! (as long as you don't save the carry)

i did not believe one could do this so fast :-)

> abot an extra 0-cycle unit for the register moves:
> we also could add an extra ouput to an existing
> unit, and use that as a 0-cycle bypass.


> about your last snapshot:
> there where some dubble/unused files.
> the fcpusim_view.c/.h files are not needed
> (its all in fcpusim.c/.h)
> i als removed the notes_view.c file

rm toplevel/fcpusim_view.*
rm fcpusim/notes_view.c
is that ok ?

> i'll upload my snapshot as soon as i added your
> changes.

i'll make something quick so you can work.

give me an hour, and i'll upload something,
i doesn't work yet.

btw, did you install simili ?
did you try to run the install.sh script ?
does the script work ?
if yes, then i'll integrate fcpusim in install.sh.

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