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Re: [f-cpu] changes to C

hi again,

jaap stolk wrote:
> hi,
> i uploaded a new (jws) snapshot, witch includes
> whygee's latest /c/registers/ and /c/rop2/
> i changed eu_rop2.c/.h a bit. (renamed function,
> added (and used!) two extra tmp_'s, and added some
> things to the view function.
> hope you don't mind :-)

Unfortunately, this changed the behaviour of the unit :
until recently, the mode and the combine_size arrived
_after_ the function. I had written the test vectors
to take that into account.

I propose to swap tmp_* and *, so it reverts to the old
behaviour, but it keeps your code functional (particularly
the stall part). All you have to do is change a few things
in your scheduler/xbar. However, where do you declare
the stall ? it was not included in the testbenches
and i guess the testbench will have to declare it itself.

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