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Re: gEDA-user: Importing Orcad (or other) symbols into gschem

On 7/31/06, Stuart Brorson <sdb@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I thought I read somewhere that it was possible to import symbols into
> gschem that were made for other schematic capture programs.  Am I
> misremembering this?  I can't find any references to it now.

    Written by: Mike Jarabek, mjarabek@xxxxxxxxx

         smash_megafile is a C program that will take a viewlogic
         megafile and extract the contents into a directory of the same
         name, with one file representing each element in the library.

    Written by: Mike Jarabek, mjarabek@xxxxxxxxx

         convert_sym converts Viewlogic schematics and symbols into
         geda format.

     Sarlacc (consists of sarlacc_schem and sarlacc_sym)
     Written by: Matthew Ettus

     Sarlacc is an OrCAD to gEDA format schematic converter. This software is
     beta, so it still has limitations.

Look into the utilities held in geda-utils for more info.


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