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Re: gEDA-user: Orcad binary file format

Patrick Doyle wrote:
On 10/30/06, Dan McMahill <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Stuart Brorson wrote:

>> Does an EDIF<->gschem translator exist?
>> Would it be ridiculous to write one?  (Anybody can step in here and
>> say, "Well, you could write one, but you would never get the library
>> interface to Orcad to work because they don't document the frozbazz
>> interface and that is absolutely required", etc...)
>> Would this be of use to anybody else in the universe?
>> Any other thoughts?
> The problem is that EDIF is just a netlist format, and doesn't hold
> info about the actual component's symbol (like is it a box, triangle,
> where are the pins, etc).  As such, any schematic you create from it
> would be confusing at best.

Are you sure that EDIF (for some version of EDIF) doesn't contain
graphical info too?  I thought it could but I could be wrong.

Well, I started down the path this afternoon, and it appears that the
EDIF file generated by Orcad contains most, perhaps even all, of the
information stored in the binary Orcad design file.  At least I saw
things like references to librarys on my PC, instructions for drawin
wires (separate from the actual netlist related instructions),
junctions, etc...  Now, all I need to do is to track down an EDIF file
format specification and see where that leads me.

The patch to allow edif netlist import into PCB (connectivity netlist only) is at:


you might look at that parser and see what it may tell you. I think the last time I looked I wasn't able to get a copy of the edif spec. But that was about 5 years ago.


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