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gFTP: gFTP 2.0.9pre2 is now available

I'm pleased to announce the release of gFTP 2.0.9pre2. You can download it at
http://www.gftp.org. Here is a list of changes in this release:

Changes from 2.0.9pre1 to 2.0.9pre2

* Fixed bug in double clicking not working in file listbox in gtk+ 1.2 port

Changes from 2.0.8 to 2.0.9pre1

* Added support for sshv2 file transfers
* Added support for gtk+ >= 1.3.8 (add --enable-gtk20 to configure)
* Added option whether to add new file transfers onto existing ones or new ones* Added option to limit the size of the log window for better performance 
* Added option to be able to specify additional arguments to ssh
* Added options to change color of log messages in gtk+ port (not 
  changeable in GUI yet)
* Cleaned up options dialog
* Fixed preserving file permissions on transfered files
* Fixed crash on Solaris (probably on others as well) that would occur after a   finished file transfer
* Added readline support to text port
* Fixed build problems on FreeBSD
* Updated Spanish translation
* Other small bug fixes

As always, please let me know if you find any bugs in this release

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