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gFTP: 2.0.9pre3 has been released

   I'm proud to announce the availability of gftp 2.0.9pre3. Here is a list
of changes since pre2:

* Added option to specify default protocol
* Fixed bug in stopping of file transfers
* Fixed bug in text port KB/s being wrong
* Fixed bug with time being wrong for daylight savings time
* Made it so you couldn't delete . or ..
* Fixed crash in SSHV2 transfers
* Trim whitespace when parsing URLs
* Fixed estimated time left being wrong when transferring lots of small
* Set window class for all dialogs (from Andy Piper <andy.piper@freeuk.com>)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <gvranjes@abaconet.com.ar>)

If anyone runs into any problems with this release, please feel free to 
email me about it

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