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gFTP: 2.0.9 has been released...

   I am proud to announce the stable release of gFTP 2.0.9. It can
be downloaded at http://www.gftp.org/. Here is a list of changes in
this release since my last beta:

* Improved login sequence for both SSH implementations
* Remove *'s and /'s after some files when connecting to a remote server
  running the commercial SSH2 server
* Fixed delete bug I introduced in 2.0.9pre3
* Added Perl script to copy your ~/.netrc file into gftp's bookmark file
* Made text port so that it'll always resume the file transfer
* Japanese updates (from Yasuyuki Furukawa <yasu@on.cs.keio.ac.jp>)
* Danish updates (from Birger Langkjer <birger.langkjer@image.dk>)
* Korean updates (from Nam SungHyun <namsh@lge.com>)
* Turkish updates (from Gorkem Cetin <gorkem@gelecek.com.tr>)
* Spanish updates (from Gustavo D. Vranjes <gvranjes@abaconet.com.ar>)
* Added Norwegian translation (from Anders Henriksen <andersh@cc.uit.no>)

MD5SUMs of the distribution files:

90fbd07372814ff1b63f23edbb75b6e3  gftp-2.0.9-1.i386.rpm
0a0a429629291436b799a3aaf166e37d  gftp-2.0.9-1.src.rpm
c19bb119f03a215d811daa5ed77fd8c2  gftp-2.0.9.tar.gz
ff93f7be5eb56d8486f0977f58332b55  gftp-common_2.0.9_i386.deb
27105a954a9162c0e38f0005366e0f00  gftp-gtk_2.0.9_i386.deb
5dbdf01ed1fe4f337c5b96787a0e477f  gftp-text_2.0.9_i386.deb
4c9c04e5fb00f6038848e0197f1e9276  gftp_2.0.9_i386.deb

If you have any questions or comments about this release, please feel free 
to contact me about it.

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