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[gftp] New user

Hello and thanks for your help and a nice appearing program.

I am running gftp 2.0.17 on Red Hat 8 with the KDE 3.xx that installs
with the RH.

I am wanting to connect to my existing web pages on the AT&T server.  It
seems to get there but I am doing something incorrectly.  At first, I
was getting the menu items under the Remote pull-down to display and
then when I would click one of them, a message from the AT&T server
would say I must hit a Stop button before proceeding.  Seemed totally
unheard of to the gftp and not called for when using the Windows FTP
software which I just checked and it is working.

The problem I am experiencing since the beginning is I am not getting a
display of the existing files on the server which should be loading and
there is a message just above the large right hand window that says it
is "receiving file names ..."  But never do any file names appear in
that window.

Now, as I write this, I find that if I make sure to get all the boxes
filled in across the top, I am once again able to click on the menu
items in the Remote Pull-down, but these seem to have no effect other
than to invoke the "Please hit the stop button first to do anything
else" message.

Also, I just received a message on disconnect that said "could not read
from socket"  and then it disconnected.

A few of the messages after login are:
215 UNIX Type L*
Type I
200 Type set to I
Entering Passive Mode (204,127,12,67,15,72)

And after a bit of fiddling before this last disconnect, the last 2
numbers in the above line changed from ,15,72   to   ,14,170

So . . . Please Help . . . I must be missing a step that is just not
obvious.  I did print the Users Guide but that does not seem to cover
this problem.

Thanks in advance.   Jack Heller  in Carson City, Nevada