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Re: [gftp] New user (Found problem)

Thanks for your patience.

	The problem was the default setting in gftp to Use Passive Mode. 
Unchecked that and all is well.

	Thanks for great program.

	Jack Heller

On Mon, 2004-04-26 at 12:28, Jack Heller wrote:
> Hello and thanks for your help and a nice appearing program.
> I am running gftp 2.0.17 on Red Hat 8 with the KDE 3.xx that installs
> with the RH.
> I am wanting to connect to my existing web pages on the AT&T server.  It
> seems to get there but I am doing something incorrectly.  At first, I
> was getting the menu items under the Remote pull-down to display and
> then when I would click one of them, a message from the AT&T server
> would say I must hit a Stop button before proceeding.  Seemed totally
> unheard of to the gftp and not called for when using the Windows FTP
> software which I just checked and it is working.
> The problem I am experiencing since the beginning is I am not getting a
> display of the existing files on the server which should be loading and
> there is a message just above the large right hand window that says it
> is "receiving file names ..."  But never do any file names appear in
> that window.
> Now, as I write this, I find that if I make sure to get all the boxes
> filled in across the top, I am once again able to click on the menu
> items in the Remote Pull-down, but these seem to have no effect other
> than to invoke the "Please hit the stop button first to do anything
> else" message.
> Also, I just received a message on disconnect that said "could not read
> from socket"  and then it disconnected.
> A few of the messages after login are:
> 215 UNIX Type L*
> Type I
> 200 Type set to I
> Entering Passive Mode (204,127,12,67,15,72)
> And after a bit of fiddling before this last disconnect, the last 2
> numbers in the above line changed from ,15,72   to   ,14,170
> So . . . Please Help . . . I must be missing a step that is just not
> obvious.  I did print the Users Guide but that does not seem to cover
> this problem.
> Thanks in advance.   Jack Heller  in Carson City, Nevada