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[gftp] Not seeing all files and directories in gftp 2.0.17

I've installed gftp 2.0.17 on FreeBSD 5.2.1. When I connect with sftp
(ssh) to remote host, only older files and directories are shown in the
file list. It is, however, possible to open directories now shown if
written into the path.

When I looked into the mail archive of March it is reported and confirmed
of being an error of 2.0.15 and 2.0.16. Does the error remain? Is there a
solution to it? Or is this another problem/bug?

Can anyone confirm the same problem as I have?


Mats Dufberg                                      mats@dufberg.se
Blaoarvsgraend 42                                  +46-8-38 48 59
SE-162 45 Vaellingby, Sweden                      +46-70-258 2588