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Re: [gftp] Not seeing all files and directories in gftp 2.0.17

On Apr 5, 2004, 06:53 (-0400) Brian Masney <masneyb@gftp.org> wrote:

> > I've installed gftp 2.0.17 on FreeBSD 5.2.1. When I connect with sftp
> > (ssh) to remote host, only older files and directories are shown in the
> > file list. It is, however, possible to open directories now shown if
> > written into the path.
> >
> > When I looked into the mail archive of March it is reported and confirmed
> > of being an error of 2.0.15 and 2.0.16. Does the error remain? Is there a
> > solution to it? Or is this another problem/bug?
> >
> > Can anyone confirm the same problem as I have?
> As far as I know, the problem that was in 2.0.15/2.0.16 has been fixed. It was
> triggered when you have a symlink that points to a non-existent file.

I cannot see that I have such a symlink

> Does gftp do this will all directories on your machine or just a few?

This happens in all directories I have tested. I start in my home
directory, there is a directory called "temp", but that is not visable
through gftp. But if I change in the path field I can cd into that

> After you connect to
> the FTP server and you have an incomplete directory listing, pull up a terminal
> window while gftp is running and edit the ~/.gftp/cache/index.db and there will
> be one line for each site that you connected to this session. At the end of the
> line there will be a cache.XXXXXX file. Look in this file and confirm that the
> files are not being shown there.

I made a copy of the cache.XXXX file, edited it (or do you have some tool
for looking into it?) and could confirm that ALL files are listed there.

> Also, are you getting any warning messages about not being able to parse
> some directory entries in the log window?

No warnings. When I go into my home directory it says:

22: Öppna katalogen /local/home/dufberg
22: File handle
23: Läs katalog
23: Filenames (90 entries)      <------- 90 files is correct
24: Stäng
24: OK

There are 90 files, the log says 90 files, but only half of them are

Even i directories with few files the is a discrapancy.


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