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Re: [gftp] a new svn repo with recent updates

Hi. I have found the source code for some changes that I did to gftp
like 3 years ago.  I will be going over them as I do not fully remember
but I see there are some bug fixes and there is also the Diff Files

Qianqian, let me
know how you would like me to submit the changes. The bugfixes appear to
be mostly one-liners but the diff feature is a bit more complicated and
involves several files.

There is also a change for displaying shorter date strings, making the
date column thinner.

Another one is to change the order of the columns. I prefer to see them
as filename, size, date, attribs, user, group. I would like to know if
other people agree with this, and if someone knows a way to do it
without changing the source code.

Finally I wanted to configure gftp to overwrite files without asking.
Supposedly this was going to be added in 2.0.19, so I will check if this
is in the svn code.