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Re: [gftp] Feature request

Alonso Acuña wrote:
I believe what Helmut means is that the Tools item in the top menu, when
clicked, is not showing any subitems. I am seeing this too.
sorry about that, I added a few menu items for Local/Remote
submenu, but forgot to bump the menu item lengths. Now corrected
in the svn as rev 1028:

Synchronized navigation is working very well.


Regarding the gtk compile error, the problem is 2.0.19 is using a
function gtk_container_get_focus_child which does not exist in GTK 2.0
I have solved this by looking at the source for this function and
implementing it inline in gftp-gtk.c . I am not sure why this is used
but at least the compile error is solved.

So, Qianqian please do the following change so us with GTK 2.0 can
continue to build and use the program:

In gftp-gtk.c, change each instance of:



GtkContainer *cont = GTK_CONTAINER(window2.container);
if(cont!=NULL && GTK_IS_CONTAINER (cont) && cont->focus_child)

thanks a lot, the patch is applied as rev 1027, see diff


please do an svn up and let me know if this works for you or not.