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Re: [gftp] Feature request

Alonso Acuña wrote:
Qianqian, let me know if you saw my previous email, I am ready now to go
on with the other fixes and features I mentioned.

I have one additional feature request. We should make the folders in the
list appear someone different to regular files so that it is more
obvious which is which. I am not sure if the size column serves any
purpose for folders and perhaps could be used to differentiate.
hi Alonso

ok, here are my thoughts about working together with new
fixes and features:

1. first, please register an account at orbit from the
following URL:

2. email me your account name, and I will add you to the

3. I just created a "branches" folder
in the top svn structure, you can create your branch
by "svn copy .../trunk .../branches/yourname" ,
then you can work on your branch independently,
checkout, test stuff without emailing me.

4. for any new fixes or features, I suggest we keeping
track of them using the current gftp bugzilla: if an issue
does not exist, create it first, add me in the CC list;
for an existing bug that you want to talk about, add me
in the CC tool.

5. If a fix is applied in your branch, post a notice to
the bugzilla, so I can take a look. If we both think the
code looks good, I will let you to commit your changes to
the trunk from your account.

be careful when doing an svn commit from the top level,
because all the po files are compiled so it will commit the
compiled binary to the svn, which is not what we want.

let me know how this sound to you.




On 04/04/2010 09:05 AM, Qianqian Fang wrote:
On 04/04/2010 05:55 AM, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
The Tools button (top row) just shows an empty pop-up menu.
Am I missing some configuration?
I am not sure what you mean by "top row", can you show a

I haven't understood the Synchronized Navigation button, at least
I don't see any difference if it is active or not.
as I said in the last email, when the button is down, double click
on a folder in one of the panels will also change directory for the
other if gftp finds a matched folder name.

If the folder name you tried to navigate has no match on the
other panel, gftp will do nothing, just like non-synchronized

Being said, this button is only useful when you are browsing
a mirrored folder structure between local/remote.


Thanks for some hints on using gftp,