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Re: [gftp] gFTP interface

Hi Oliver,

> At first I would like to see the bugs fixed and a well working application
> before doing fine-tuning like changing the user interface...

sure, that's why I proposed me to do it. I can't really help with the core 
of gftp but I guess I can do something with the ui.

> Whats wrong with the ui now? For me i can say it fits expectations i have for a
> graphical ftp client.

again I can understand, it seems some people are not really concerned by 
the graphical layout of applications but others do.

> I don't see a sense to change it.

Well my thoughts are that:
- the main window doesn't need much changes,
- the options window need to be change
- maybe do something with the bookmarks window too

> (And please, don't gnomeify it.. I would not install gnome stuff on my system.)

I agree on that point, you can do all the work with gtk only.

Finally, I'll just say that I don't feel like a total redesign is needed 
but I'm much likely into improving what can be.


- Christophe