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Re: [gftp] gFTP interface

Hi Christophe,

Christophe Augier wrote:

> There was a news on gnomedesktop.com about gftp2.0.15rc1 release and a
> few persons seems to want gftp interface to be refreshed. I was
> wondering if you had plans about a new design or not.
> I'm really interested helping you so let me know about your plans.
> Is there anybody else interested in giving gftp a new cool ui?

At first I would like to see the bugs fixed and a well working application
before doing fine-tuning like changing the user interface... Whats wrong
with the ui now? For me i can say it fits expectations i have for a
graphical ftp client. I don't see a sense to change it. (And please, don't
gnomeify it.. I would not install gnome stuff on my system.)

 Oliver Lehmann
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