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Re: [gftp] Re: gFTP interface

Christophe Augier <caugier@eleve.emn.fr> wrote :

> > After I get 2.0.15 released, the src/gtk port is getting split up and
> there
> > will be a guicommon/ directory. Nathan Robertson <nathanr@nathanr.net>;
> has
> > been working on doing this and he already has some patches available to do
> > this. He also has a native MacOS X port of gftp that will get merged in.
> > After all of this is done, it will be very easy to do a native Qt or
> Windows
> > port. The only requirement to do another port of gftp will be glib from the
> > GTK+ distribution, and I have no plans to change that.
> I couldn't contact Nathan (probably on vacation)


No, I'm here, and I responded. I'm also getting used to my SMTP server dropping mail randomly. :-)

The patch as it stands is against 2.0.15rc1 from CVS, and implements only transfers at this stage. But as Brian said, most of the other stuff in src/gtk is pretty GTK specific.

I suggest you look at http://irc.canb.auug.org.au/~nathanr at the latest patch there. Just reading the patch raw will give you an understanding what I'm on about.

I'm not keeping the patch up to date currently, because repeating that every third day isn't much fun, and merging in Brian's changes against a guicommon tree is a pretty manual process. At the 2.0.15 release, I'll send Brian the patch for src/guicommon against his tree as it stands at that time. But the spirit of the patch is captured above, and he was fairly happy with it.

There are three bugs fixed since I made that patch. All result in crashes due to null function pointers, and the code I currently have on my machine works for the limited testing I've done (GTK+ only currently, Cocoa/OSX is in progress).

Anyway, if you have feedback I suggest you bring it on before it gets merged into the tree proper. :-)