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[gftp] Re: gFTP interface

On Mon, Aug 11, 2003 at 05:22:49PM -0700, Christophe Augier wrote:
> > After I get 2.0.15 released, the src/gtk port is getting split up and there
> > will be a guicommon/ directory. Nathan Robertson <nathanr@nathanr.net> has
> > been working on doing this and he already has some patches available to do
> > this. He also has a native MacOS X port of gftp that will get merged in.
> > After all of this is done, it will be very easy to do a native Qt or Windows
> > port. The only requirement to do another port of gftp will be glib from the 
> > GTK+ distribution, and I have no plans to change that.
> I couldn't contact Nathan (probably on vacation) but from what i 
> understand it may look like:
> libgftp: the core functions ftp, proxies, ssh, http, local
> gui: use libgftp and cope with the ui and bookmarks

yes, I already have all of the libgftp done. The bookmarks are already partially
handled by the core as well.

> About general preferences, my opinion is that the core should handle them.

The core already handles all of the general preferences. The only part the GUI
needs to know is how to draw the different type of preferences' widgets 
(strings, numeric, checkboxes, dropdowns, etc). Look at lib/rfc2068.c and 
lib/rfc959.c and at the top you will see a gftp_config_vars structure. This
is all of the configuration variables for those protocols. In the flags field,
you can specify GFTP_CVARS_FLAGS_SHOW_BOOKMARK so that this option can be
edited in the bookmarks dialog in the GTK+ port.

In my current CVS, I already have most everything moved I want in libgftp.a.
After 2.0.15 is released, src/gtk will be split up into src/guicommon,
then it will be a lot easier to make native ports of gftp to other operating
systems (like MacOS X or Qt).