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[gftp] Re: gFTP interface

On Fri, Aug 01, 2003 at 10:08:38PM +0200, Oliver Lehmann wrote:
> Hi Christophe,
> > Well my thoughts are that:
> > - the main window doesn't need much changes,
> > - the options window need to be change
> > - maybe do something with the bookmarks window too
> Ah ok.. I thought you meant sth. like changing gtk to qt or sth. arround
> that ;) So.. you are thinking to improve the usability... there are some
> things which can be make better... right.

After I get 2.0.15 released, the src/gtk port is getting split up and there
will be a guicommon/ directory. Nathan Robertson <nathanr@nathanr.net> has
been working on doing this and he already has some patches available to do
this. He also has a native MacOS X port of gftp that will get merged in.
After all of this is done, it will be very easy to do a native Qt or Windows
port. The only requirement to do another port of gftp will be glib from the 
GTK+ distribution, and I have no plans to change that.