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[gftp] i18n problems in gFTP 2.0.15

I noticed that gFTP 2.0.15 has been released and I have installed it on my
machine. It's now more stable than before! :-)

I have found some i18n problem with it, and I hope this message will help.

1. When creating new directory with a Chinese name on local machine or
remote server, the directory is created in UTF-8 name. In gFTP it's 
displayed no problem, but in some other programs such as shell, it can't
be displayed. My LC_CTYPES is set to zh_CN.GBK.

I have read the code of gFTP, there's no encoding conversation when
creating directories, but I think when creating directories, the encoding
of directory name should be converted from UTF-8 to default locales. And,
when creating directories on remote server, the directory name should be
converted from UTF-8 to remote charset setting in options dialog.

This problem not only exists in creating directories, when rename files,
it's also happen.

2. When entering a directory with a Chinese name in zh_CN.GBK encoding,
the directory name can't be displayed correctly in the directory edit box.
I notice this happened in both local machine or remote server.

3. Sometimes Chinese Words in zh_CN.GBK encoding can also pass UTF-8
validation, so I think it's not a good idea using UTF-8 validation function
provide by GTK to judge whether the encoding of a string should be converted.
Although UTF-8 can be used to store any language, we seldom use it on FTP
server or local files. So I think the filename and directory name should be
convert to remote or local locale with out UTF-8 validation.

Thanks a lot for your great work on gFTP!


Ling Li,
Beijing Institute of Technology

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