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[gftp] problmes connectiong to a VMS machine

hi, despite the claims that gftp can handle VMS directory listings I can not use it to connect to a vms machine.
output below.
any hints?
do I need to turn on some special option?


Connected to xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:21 220 aim-uct80.unizh.ch FTP Server (Version 5.5) Ready. USER microct 331 Username microct requires a Password PASS xxxx 230 User logged in. SYST 200 VMS OpenVMS V8.2 on node xxx.xxx.xx. TYPE I 200 TYPE set to IMAGE. PWD 257 "DISK1:[BLAH]" is current directory. Loading directory listing DISK1:[BLAH] from server (LC_TIME=C) PASV 227 Entering Passive Mode (xxx,xx,xx,xx,192,69) LIST -a 150 Opening data connection for -a (1xxx.xx.xx.xxx,55807) Warning: Cannot parse listing Warning: Cannot parse listing Total of 0 files, 0/0 blocks 226 LIST Directory transfer complete.

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