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[gftp] Incorect display of file sizes


while searching trought buglist, I haven't find any reference to it, so I am asking if I am doing something wrong, before I will submit bug.

When I am connected to remote site, I get list of files with their sizes. Problem is, that those sizes are rounded to K,M,G but without neither sufix nor chance to set something like "show me all in KB". So I see lot's of files with sizes like 362, 40,... but in one case it's MB in second its KB.

What would I like to is either
1) Show suffix for sizes (K,M,G) in columns
or more preffered
2) Set konstant "multiplikator" for files to show sizes in - in example I mentioned, it would mean, that if I set KB, I will see 370688, 40,...

I've uploaded image showing this situation - hundreds are in real megabytes of data, decades only kilobytes of them - http://temp.shalmirane.net/screen.jpg

I'm ready to fill bugreport, I just want to check, if there isn't some problem between my keyboard and chair.

Thanks, Thomas