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Re: [gftp] Feature request

On Wed, Feb 11, 2004 at 08:00:47AM +0000, Steve O'Neill wrote:
> is there anyway to or maybe somthing for the next release to have an
> automatic detection of file types for transfer?
> instead of setting transfers to ascii or binary,
> have an editable list of ascii file exstensions that (under auto transfer 
> mod ) are sent in ascii mode and the rest goes over in binary mode?
> just an idea, which would help me out, and maybe others

gftp already supports this. Edit your ~/.gftp/gftprc file and look for the ext=
lines at the bottom of the file. There is a column to specify ascii or binary.
I never got around to putting this in the options dialog yet. Make sure you are
using 2.0.16, there is an ascii translation bug in some earlier versions.