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[gftp] some strange things about gftp 2.0.15

I have tried gFTP 2.0.15, and I found something not work, maybe bugs.

1. When I press the "OK" button for Options Windows, gFTP crash without
   and message. Before start, I delete my ~/.gftp/ directory.

2. When I tried to resume a file, gFTP exit with some message said that
   it can't find options about resume.

3. When I delete a file on the ftp server, the file is deleted, but
   gftp hangs. It consume most of the CPU and I have to kill it by
   pressing ctrl+c. Sometimes this happened with local files.

I have tried both CVS version and gftp-test.tar.bz file on the gftp
homepage. My system is debian sid with gnome 2.2 and gcc 3.3 installed.

Ling Li 2003.7.18