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re: [gftp] some strange things about gftp 2.0.15

>> I have tried gFTP 2.0.15, and I found something not work, maybe
>> bugs.

>> 1. When I press the "OK" button for Options Windows, gFTP crash without
>> and message. Before start, I delete my ~/.gftp/ directory.

>> 2. When I tried to resume a file, gFTP exit with some message said that
>> it can't find options about resume.

>> 3. When I delete a file on the ftp server, the file is deleted, but
>> gftp hangs. It consume most of the CPU and I have to kill it by
>> pressing ctrl+c. Sometimes this happened with local files.

>> I have tried both CVS version and gftp-test.tar.bz file on the gftp
>> homepage. My system is debian sid with gnome 2.2 and gcc 3.3 installed.

>> Ling Li 2003.

I'm having the same problems. My system is Redhat 9, with the default compiler
and Ximian Desktop 2(with latest updates). The problem with preferences crashing
seems to occur after clicking Apply then OK. The program crashes with a segmentation

Also having problems with ftp over http proxy. On gftp 2.0.14, I'd get an endless string
of data back from the proxy, on gftp 2.0.15 I'm disconnected from the remote host immediately
before a directory listing is returned.