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Re: [gftp] gFTP >= 2.0.15 not showing all files

Chuck R. Bell wrote:

> It seems that on some FTP sites the files list is not showing files 
> dated later than Dec 2003 but only with gFTP 2.0.15 and later. gFTP 
> 2.0.14 shows all the files.

I'm able to see files from 2004. But I also see files from Dec 3 200_4_
.... data from the future? ;)
for Example python-2.3.2-i686-1dl.tgz

And my Mozilla shows me:

python-2.3.2-i686-1dl.tgz  	9262 KB  	12/03/03  	21:42:00

2003.. so gftp seems to have some other problems with dates too...
 Oliver Lehmann