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[gftp] gFTP >= 2.0.15 not showing all files

I'm seeing an insidious bug with gFTP 2.0.15 and 2.0.16. It seems to be reproducible, but I'd appreciate it if anyone else here can verify this problem on their computer.

It seems that on some FTP sites the files list is not showing files dated later than Dec 2003 but only with gFTP 2.0.15 and later. gFTP 2.0.14 shows all the files.

Here's an example:

With gFTP 2.0.16, login anonymous to ftp.sourceforge.net /pub/sourceforge/dropline-gnome and you should see a rather long list of files.
Sort them by date and, if you see what I see, the latest file listed is dated Dec 3, 2003.

With gFTP 2.0.14, there are a whole bunch of files for Jan and Feb 2004 that do not show up with gFTP 2.0.15 and later. Apparently files for 2004 just aren't showing up!

I've tried clearing the cache in gFTP, removing the ~/.gftp directory and letting it get re-created, uninstalled and reinstalled gFTP, removed all files in my /tmp directory, and this problem still persists. I had a friend of mine running gFTP 2.0.15 try this and he sees the same problem.

Incidentally, I'm running Slackware -current (9.1x).

Any help much appreciated. This kinda shakes my confidence in gFTP-2.0.16!


Chuck Bell