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Re: [gftp] SFTP Bug in GFTP ?

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 10:29:57PM +0100, Spock wrote:
> Hi Brian and all other Gnome Lover :-),
> i tried the CVS Versions of GFTP because of SFTP Support. But there is a
> Problem if a FTPD like "glftpd" created a self signed certificate and
> GTP User wants to login.
> GFTP give me following Error:
> 220 ********** (glFTPd ******* Linux+TLS) ready.
> 234 AUTH TLS successful
> Fehler mit dem Zertifikat bei Stufe:  0
> Issuer = /ST=. /CN=*******
> Subject = /ST=. /CN=*******
> Error 18:self signed certificate
> Beende Verbindung mit Gegenstelle *******
> Please tell me if you need the output complete in english language.

You need to add the public key for your CA to your OpenSSL certs directory. I
will eventually have support so that you can manage the local certificates
inside gftp, but that will require considerable amount of work since I will have
to make a few design changes to the core protocol code.