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[gftp] Getting ready for next gFTP release

I have uploaded my latest CVS code to http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2. I
would like to put out a release candidate within a day or two and make the
official 2.0.17 release sometime next week. If anyone has time, please test
the code in the URL above and report any bugs that are found. 


f36f90f38bc39f6d5ee26c79cac97523  gftp-test.tar.bz2

Summary of changes from 2.0.16 to 2.0.17rc1

* Separated out more of the UI independent code in the GTK+ and Text ports and
  created a user interface common repository. Cleaned up some of the existing
  GTK+ code. The GTK+ port can now be controlled from a command line interface
  in the GUI. There is an option you have to enable in the options dialog for
  this. (enable manual commands in GUI)
* Added support for the FTPS protocol. The control connection is the only
  one encrypted at the moment.
* When viewing/editing a file, the temporary file that is created is created
  with the same extension as the remote file so that syntax highlighting works
* File transfers can be resumed/skipped/overwritten in the text port and
  whenever files are dropped on gftp in the GTK+ port.
* FTP: Added support for MVS directory listings
* FTP: Fix for FXP transfers
* SSH2: fix for resuming uploads
* Added option to show the transfer status in the title bar.
* Added option to disable IPV6 support.
* Fixed the wrong date being displayed when a file was modified last year
* 64 bit cleanups. This also fixed a SSH segfault that was happening on
* Look for the .gmo translation files in the proper directory
* If a bookmarked site has it's password saved in the config file, then the
  passwords are written out in a scrambled format. This isn't secure, but it'll
  prevent someone from casually looking over your shoulder and seeing your
  password. I still do not recommend saving your passwords to disk.
* Fix for systems that do not support the %'ld format argument
* The startup directory option is now expanded so that an option like
  ~/src can be specified
* New language translations and updates (ca cs de ga hr hu nl pt_BR sr sr@Latn
  ta th)
* Many other small changes and improvements. See the ChangeLog file in the
  distribution for a detailed list of changes.