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Re: [gftp] Getting ready for next gFTP release

Brian Masney wrote:
I have uploaded my latest CVS code to http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2. I
would like to put out a release candidate within a day or two and make the
official 2.0.17 release sometime next week. If anyone has time, please test
the code in the URL above and report any bugs that are found.
I just chmodded a file on my server, and it crashed gFTP. I tried it again, and with a different file and different chmod options, and it seems to crash anytime I chmod anything.

It says "200 SITE CHMOD command successful" in the log pane as soon as I click "OK" in the Chmod pop-up box, but the box never goes away. When I try to move it, that's when gFTP crashes.

I ran it from an xterm to get the output:

[0531][~]$ gftp

Gtk-ERROR **: file gtkcontainer.c: line 2389 (gtk_container_propagate_expose): assertion failed: (child->parent == GTK_WIDGET (container))

When I re-connect to the server, the file does have the new permissions applied, so apparently gFTP is crashing after completing the deal.