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Re: [gftp] Issue with pre 2.0.17 version

Phillip B Bruce wrote:
Brian Masney wrote:

On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 04:48:46PM -0800, Phillip B Bruce wrote:

I have a problem FTP to any given site regardless
it being passive or active.

Any clues as to why this maybe happening.
Earlier versions of gftp didn't give me this problem.
The same issue for 2.0.16 version is the same way.

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Refresh: Not connected to a remote site
Looking up peggyshealth.com
Trying peggyshealth.com:5376
Cannot connect to peggyshealth.com: Connection refused
Connected to peggyshealth.com:5376
Disconnecting from site peggyshealth.com
Looking up ftp.freebsd.org
Trying ftp.freebsd.org:5376
Refresh: Not connected to a remote site
Cannot connect to ftp.freebsd.org: Connection refused
Connected to ftp.freebsd.org:5376
Disconnecting from site ftp.freebsd.org
Looking up ftp.redhat.com
Trying ftp.redhat.com:5376

You have 5376 in the port field, which is the wrong port to use for FTP. If you
leave the port field blank, and if you are using the FTP protocol, it will
default to port 21.

I just tried your suggestion and that worked but I manually put it in and still get the 5376. So something is going on with your handing of
input for the port field. I suggest track your code down to why it is
doing that. Look like your adding a field or maybe your trying to
convert charcters on your code. It's hard to say from this point.

I hope you find it but in the mean time it works the way you stated

I still have that issue when I manually put 21 in the port though.



   I also discover if I let it time out and retry to open the ftp
   session it would do the same thing. But this time the port 21
   was left as when I open it the first time came up with port 21.
   But when trying to re-open the ftp session it will not connect
   trying to use the 5376 port.

   So something definitely wrong with the code.