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[gftp] problems with anonymous login

I have a proftpd server configured with anonymous account asking for registered passwords, I know the configuration is right, and that Proftpd is working right, and of course I'm 500% sure I'm type-ing right the password needed. (The classic ftp line comand client success when loging, and the Opensource windows client SmartFTP too).

Is it a bug?? Or I have to configure something inside the client?

Here's the ProFTPd configuration fragmente regarding the anonymous login (if there's any doubt)

ServerName "Servidor Ethernet"
DefaultRoot ~
<Limit LOGIN>
AllowUser offtopic,pruebas
Deny all

<Limit WRITE>
Deny all

<Anonymous /var/otherftp>
<Limit LOGIN>

UserAlias anonymous pruebas2
User pruebas2
Group pruebas2
AnonRequirePassword on

AuthAliasOnly on


I don't know how is coded gftp but it seem's to me (looking the debug messages i got from Proftpd) that it sees "anonymous" at the user field and then send's the user with no pasword (or sends something different).

I can send u the debugging messages too.

It's not a complain, I just want to know if it's normal behavior. I'm using the version that come's along with RedHat 9 (2.0.14)

Francisco Moreno.

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