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Re: [gftp] unanswered bug reports and RFEs

http://www.iglooftp.com/unix/ Very complete, annoying and unstable at times but it works. I haven't tested SFTP. 30 day trial. $25.

kbear is just so annoying with the having to confirm every replacement, it is unusable when the server has the time ahead of you because then it always thinks your files are older than the ones on the server. Apparently there is no way to remove those confirmation dialogs.

Of course it's open source, maybe I'll just go ahead and try to fix it, though it would be great to get some directions and assistance from the people who know the software better.

Anthony DiSante wrote:

I've never heard of kbear before this. Are there any other GUI SFTP programs for Linux, besides that and gftp? Kbear seems to have a million features not related to FTP, and yet it can't even do recursive chmod... I don't understand how such an obvious feature isn't included in these clients.