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Re: [gftp] unanswered bug reports and RFEs

As a KDE user I'd prefer to use kbear, but that project seems to be asleep. The last release was in November 2003 and the last CVS submission listed on the cvs mailing list is more than a year old. Requests for TLS and SSL support from 2003 have gone unanswered. This is a pity, since it's a great base to build on. Adding timezone support should be straightforward, not to mention recursive chmods. Björn and Frithjof -- any chance these guys can get CVS access, or do you have time to help them out and accept patches?

You guys seem to have a list of straightforward RFEs and the skills to make this happen. gFTP released a new version a month ago, so there's life. Perhaps we could hear from Brian whether gftp is ready for some enhancements? As you're actually offering to get work done, surely one of the projects will bite.

I'm hanging out here in the vague expectation of getting tls/ssl support, but get by with ftp-ssl in the meantime.


Anthony DiSante wrote:

In the past 5 months, I've made 5 posts here that have gone completely unanswered. Two were about bugs and three were about feature requests. Is there any chance that Brian (or someone) could respond to these? I'd be happy to do testing and to give you more info if needed...

recursive chmod? (30 Nov 2004) http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Nov-2004/msg00017.html

"only-newer" option for transfer/overwrite?  (30 Nov 2004)

perm. bug: can't view -rw-r--r-- file?  (16 Feb 2005)

recursive chmod... please?  (17 Feb 2005)

gftp much slower than scp or sftp  (28 Feb 2005)

The feature-requests would be just great to have, but the bug reports are critical; I've had to resort to using straight scp at the command line to work around them.

Anthony DiSante

Alonso Acuña wrote:

I have also posted 2 times asking for directions on how I can fix the issues and implement the features myself. I own a software company and I can put people to work on this. It is a shame that an offer for help would be wasted. The people at kbear ignored me too.

Anthony DiSante wrote:

I've never heard of kbear before this. Are there any other GUI SFTP programs for Linux, besides that and gftp? Kbear seems to have a million features not related to FTP, and yet it can't even do recursive chmod... I don't understand how such an obvious feature isn't included in these clients.

Alonso Acuña wrote:

http://www.iglooftp.com/unix/ Very complete, annoying and unstable at times but it works. I haven't tested SFTP. 30 day trial. $25.

kbear is just so annoying with the having to confirm every replacement, it is unusable when the server has the time ahead of you because then it always thinks your files are older than the ones on the server. Apparently there is no way to remove those confirmation dialogs.

Of course it's open source, maybe I'll just go ahead and try to fix it, though it would be great to get some directions and assistance from the people who know the software better.