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Re: [gftp] unanswered bug reports and RFEs

I'll be the first to admit that I've been neglecting gftp lately. There isn't
enough hours in the day to get everything done that I'd like to. I currently
work full time and go to graduate school full time, so between the two that eats
up most of my free time. I've been spending the little bit of free time that I
have in the outdoors. But, the good news is this shouldn't last too much
longer since I'll graduate the end of this year. After this semester, I
only need to take one more class and finish writing my thesis.

I plan to start working on another gftp release sometime after the end of next


On Tue, Mar 08, 2005 at 09:52:37PM -0500, Anthony DiSante wrote:
> In the past 5 months, I've made 5 posts here that have gone completely 
> unanswered.  Two were about bugs and three were about feature requests.  Is 
> there any chance that Brian (or someone) could respond to these?  I'd be 
> happy to do testing and to give you more info if needed...
> recursive chmod?  (30 Nov 2004)
> http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Nov-2004/msg00017.html
> "only-newer" option for transfer/overwrite?  (30 Nov 2004)
> http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Nov-2004/msg00018.html
> perm. bug: can't view -rw-r--r-- file?  (16 Feb 2005)
> http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Feb-2005/msg00007.html
> recursive chmod... please?  (17 Feb 2005)
> http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Feb-2005/msg00008.html
> gftp much slower than scp or sftp  (28 Feb 2005)
> http://archives.seul.org/gftp/users/Feb-2005/msg00017.html
> The feature-requests would be just great to have, but the bug reports are 
> critical; I've had to resort to using straight scp at the command line to 
> work around them.
> Thanks,
> Anthony DiSante
> http://nodivisions.com/