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Re: [gftp] Re: patch for type-ahead searching

Qianqian Fang åé:
> sorry, one more update, this one set the clist row focus
> properly, and fixed a string length bug.
> cheers

Having been lurking in the gftp forum for a few years I am not really
sure who is still administrating the project. For most foss projects if
project admin is not acting usually people fork it, but since this is a
gnome project I can reasonably expect better management, so what is the
usual way in this case? How we (user) should act to push that active
developers can keep the project going? Those who are expertise in how
gnome works might want to contribute a few ideas.

Just for your information someone started gftp2 as a fork already:

However I sense gftp2 change is more fundamental, thus I do not expect a
usage-oriented product in short run.