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[gftp] a new svn repo with recent updates

hi list

to avoid further spamming this list with small fixes and
patches, I created a new svn repo on one of my servers
by syncing with the upstream svn repo.

You can browse this project (called gftp-evolve) at

and the svn files at

I committed my recent patches for type-ahead search and
shortcut fixes as rev.  996/997/998, you can browse them here


anonymous checkout is not entirely working on this server, you
need to use

svn checkout --username anonymous_user https://orbit.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/svn/gftp

and the password is the same as user name.

I will continue to make minor updates as long as
I have time to read and understand the code. If you have
any fixes or patches to share, I would be glad to test them
and commit to this repo.

Unfortunately, I can not make the commitment for
maintainership due to my limited time (and limited
experience). So, if any one is more experienced with
this code, feel free to jump in. Of course, if Brian is still
subscribing to this list, free free to grab any updates from
this repo to the official upstream (and make changes when
you see appropriate). That would be the best result
I can expect.