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[gftp] Re: start file transfer option is missing

I took that option out in 2.0.15 since I didn't think anyone used that. I had
planned to put that back in on 2.0.16 since I had received some complaints, but
it slipped my mind before I released it. Hopefully I'll find time next week to
post a patch to the list to add this feature back. In the mean time, if you
could find a freely available image I could put on the toolbar, I'll add a
button there. The gnome-stock package may have one.


On Wed, Nov 12, 2003 at 10:56:46PM +0200, hatter wrote:
> maybe im just blind here, but i cant find such option as "start file 
> transfer" anywhere in gftp-gtk options.
> how can i queue files without starting the transfer immediately?
> im using gftp 2.0.16 debian packages.
> thanks.