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Re: [gftp] Status of development?

Here's my $0.02 from another gFTP user:

I feel that gftp holds a very important position not only as an ftp
program, but on a much larger scale as well: as far as I could find,
gftp is the only GPL ftp program of its kind still in development for
gnome (yeah, I SUPPOSE you could use Kbear or Kasablanca, but that would
also require installing 101 KDE libraries [no thanks]).

I agree 100% there.

I'd like to start going through the gftp source and see if I can't patch
some of the bugs I run into -in an effort to keep things rolling.
Hopefully when you're ready to continue serious development, I'll be
able to hand you a few patches and save you some time --effectively (I
hope) speeding up the release date of the new version.

That would be great as far as I'm concerned. I posted this half a year ago:

[gftp] unanswered bug reports and RFEs:

My biggest issues are the permissions bug that prevents you from reading files unless you have write-access to them, and the fact that gFTP transfers much slower than other programs (the scp command, etc), over the exact same connection. (These both have been reported multiple times.)

Anthony DiSante
Encodable Industries