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Re: [gftp] Status of development?

On Wed, Nov 02, 2005 at 03:59:18PM -0500, Patryk Januszewski wrote:
> I completely understand your position with time constraints, I have yet
> to meet a programmer who doesn't suffer from them :)
> I feel that gftp holds a very important position not only as an ftp
> program, but on a much larger scale as well: as far as I could find,
> gftp is the only GPL ftp program of its kind still in development for
> gnome (yeah, I SUPPOSE you could use Kbear or Kasablanca, but that would
> also require installing 101 KDE libraries [no thanks]).
> I'd like to start going through the gftp source and see if I can't patch
> some of the bugs I run into -in an effort to keep things rolling.
> Hopefully when you're ready to continue serious development, I'll be
> able to hand you a few patches and save you some time --effectively (I
> hope) speeding up the release date of the new version.
> I hope I have your blessing. :)

I have no problem at all with you (or anyone else) trying to fix some of these
bugs. The last few releases I have mostly been working on improvements to 
the code in the lib/ directory. I still have some more changes that I'd like
to do but this code is fairly modular. This is how gftp is easily able to
support 7 file transfer protocols. The code in src/text/ and src/uicommon/ is
fairly clean and modular. But a lot of the code is src/gtk/ is a mess and it
needs a lot of work done to it.

So here is a suggestion on how to find out where a bug is. Try the operation in
the text port. If the bug exists there as well, then the buggy code is either in
lib/ or src/uicommon/. The bug would most likely be in the lib/ directory.

Good luck...