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[gftp] questions

Hello Everybody,

I recently found gftp and am more-or-less happy with it.
There are some things I would like to set up.
I usually have large directories, and  I dont know how to
set up :
1) If I go back to the parent directory (..) from subdir,
   the subdir is the actual entry.
2) How can I search for files and automatically
jump there, like Ctrl-S in Midnight Commander?

3) How can I specify that gftp should open the file
(with the appropriate application) instead of copying it
when I press Enter or double-click on it?
4) I really miss the F5-copy, F6-move, F7-NewSubdir, F8-Del
keys. Can it be added to the next version of gftp please?

5) This would be a really luxurios feature request:
To enable/disable/change the bandwidth limit during file
(in a dialog window).

Thanks for any help.

Best regards,

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