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RE: [gftp] gftp slow over ssh

Just to give some sort of answer, the ftp protocol in general seems to be
slow compared to scp.  I noticed the same thing when I use the Zend PHP IDE
to ftp files back and forth.  SCP is, it seems, much faster.  I wish I had
the time to implement SCP in gftp (if it's not already there), because I had
some opportunity to become familiar with the source code to gftp already
back around April-May of this year when I fixed a small bug, unfortunately,
or fortunately, I picked up a paying (unrelated) project which is keeping me


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Dear Zsolt, 

I have exactly the same problem, and reported it already here on the 
mailing list, without getting any feedback. So I started to wonder if I 
cocked up somewhere. Good to see that it seems to be a more general 
problem, and it would be even better if there was a solution for it.