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Re: [gftp] Password decryption

Hi Martin,
   Look at gftp_scramble_password() and gftp_descramble_password() in
lib/misc.c. The algorithm is not secure at all and it is fairly easy
to implement. It merely obscures the passwords from view. I have the
following disclaimer at the top of the bookmarks file:

# Note: The passwords contained inside this file are scrambled. This algorithm
# is not secure. This is to avoid your password being easily remembered by
# someone standing over your shoulder while you're editing this file. Prior to
# this, all passwords were stored in plaintext.


On 11/6/06, Martin <argentina@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am trying to import all gftp passwords into a different program.
Is there anywhere I can easily look at to find the algorythm to decrypt it?
I'm developing it in python.

Thanks ;D