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Re: [gftp] new release of gFTP?

I have been slowly working on a release. If you check CVS you will see
that I have done quite a few improvements to the code. I am down to 8
bugs in GNOME's Bugzilla that I want to close before I put out an
official test release. Here are the relevant bugs:


I am currently working on the issue of converting the filenames
between the local and remote character sets. There are other issues in
Bugzilla that need to be addressed but at some point I need to put a
release out.

I created a tarball with my latest code. You can download it from
http://www.gftp.org/gftp-test.tar.bz2. Please report any bugs that are
found to GNOME's Bugzilla (bugs.gnome.org). Please don't send them to
the list or to me directly. It is easier for me to track them in


On 11/6/06, Anthony DiSante <theant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Brian,

A few weeks/months ago you mentioned that you were able to get back into gFTP
a little bit after a long time away from it.  I was wondering how it's going
and if you will have a new release any time soon?  gFTP is one of my most-used
apps and I know this is true for many other Linux users as well, and we're
anxious to have some of the current issues ironed out.


Anthony DiSante