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[gftp] Patch that corrects problems with Novell ls parsing

Hi there!

My name is Tomek Mrugalski and I'm a long time user of GFTP. I'd like to say that it is a great piece of software.
But it has one bug, which troubled me. In my LAN there's a Novell FTP server. It's admin is not so well informed,
so he is using usernames with spaces. It's a stupid idea, but some admins do it anyway. So I had to fix GFTP
to properly support this.

In function gftp_ls_parse_novell(...) in lib/protocol.c, there are problems with parsing when Novell username contains spaces. Oh well. GFTP is unable to parse those entries, so there's a patch needed:

fle->group = g_strdup (_("unknown"));

while (*startpos!=0 && !isdigit(*startpos))

fle->size = gftp_parse_file_size (startpos);

And here's output of diff protocol.c and prococol2.c

> while (*startpos!=0 && !isdigit(*startpos))
> startpos++;

Well, that's all.

Greetings from Poland

Tomasz Mrugalski, | "I think there is a world market for |
spam@klub.com.pl | about five computers." |
| Thomas J. Watson (Chairman, IBM) 1943|