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Re: [gftp] Resume/overwrite issue

That would be the ideal solution except the server I'm connecting to is firewalled and won't accept SSH connections from my dynamic IP.

Thanks for responding nonetheless.


Anthony DiSante wrote:
Diccon Towns wrote:
Is there any way to get gFTP to default to 'overwrite' rather than 'resume' when synchronising directories? I don't want to overwrite all the files (which checking the 'Overwrite by Default' option does) just files that are a different size/date.

At the moment I have to go through each file, changing it from resume to overwrite which is time-consuming as I'm making frequent updates to a large site.



I'm not familiar with gFTP's directory-sync feature, but this is a job that rsync handles well. Assuming that the server has rsync and SSH installed, you'd just run this command on the client:

rsync -av --delete /source/dir/on/client/ user@xxxxxxxxxx:/dest/dir/on/server/

That will cause the destination directory to be a mirror of the source directory, and rsync will only copy the files that need to be copied (i.e. new/changed files).

(And --delete just means to delete any files on the server that no longer exist on the client, that is, it's part of the mirroring operation.)