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Re: [gftp] Resume/overwrite issue

Hi Brian

If I'm correct, enabling the overwrite option will cause it to overwrite all files rather than just those that have changed. Ideally I'd like an option that said 'If local has changed, overwrite'. At the moment it seems to default to resume. I don't want to lose the Transfer files 'preview' dialog

Thanks for replying. There's no doubt that gFTP is the best ftp client on Linux.


Brian Masney wrote:
  There is an always overwrite option in the FTP->Options dialog. I
also added a new feature to CVS within the last couple of weeks that
will suppress this dialog if that option is enabled.


On 10/12/06, Diccon Towns <diccon@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is there any way to get gFTP to default to 'overwrite' rather than
'resume' when synchronising directories? I don't want to overwrite all
the files (which checking the 'Overwrite by Default' option does) just
files that are a different size/date.

At the moment I have to go through each file, changing it from resume to
overwrite which is time-consuming as I'm making frequent updates to a
large site.