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[gftp] What ails gftp?

Hello everyone,

having used gftp to some extent now, I wonder what it is that concerns people
most to either not use gftp or look for other clients.

Given the activity of the list, it seems as though people regularly find gftp
in their systems, or bring it there. But at some point, several things seem to
be out of place in such a way that users ask questions here or possibly blog
about it. To me, most talk about gftp (be it the text port or the gtk port)
ends up with a recommendation to use another client, or live with what looks
like the shortcomings of the application itself.

However, I don't believe there is some kind of list where people put together
what is keeping them first and foremost from experiencing gftp as a great tool.
Especially people new to gftp will be of help to find out what the learning
curve is like, or whether the ui is intuitive at all. :-)

I'd really like to see the users describe where the problem is, and this
mailing list looks like it's the right place for it. Perhaps that kind of
information will make it easier on Brian or whoever else is developing gftp
to rework some part of it to better match it's intended purpose. So please
spill some of your frustration you've had with the app and maybe, someday,
someone might fix it. :-)