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Re: [gftp] gftp-text

Hello Sophie,

> I cannot run the gftp-text mode; when I try (gftp-text -d ftp://.....), 
> I have the following error:
> Sorry, gftp-text has been disabled.
> Do you know what is the problem?

The message you get doesn't make sense to me. There isn't anything keeping
the text port from being used in the gftprc file, therefore it could be
your distribution.

What distribution and release version did you try it on? Which version of
gftp was that?

You might want to check your package manager for the text port of gftp,
since some maintainer might split the package. Debian is known for
giving hints on how to install things once it caught on to a name
of a program that's not there but in the repository.