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[gftp] sftp still doesn't work after following FAQ

Hello everyone,
    I'm having some problems getting gftp to work with sftp.  The FAQ
entry describes my problem perfectly, but the solution doesn't seem to
work for me.

I'm using gftp 2.0.14 and openssh version 3.5p1-11 on RedHat 9.

I have tried specifying the path to sftp-server.  That didn't work. 
Then I read the FAQ and said: "Use SSH2 SFTP subsys".  I have also tried
both "Use ssh-askpass" and not.

I'm assuming I'm just missing the correct combination of options to use.

Any info would be appreciated.


Jason Bradley Nance                                   aitrus@tresgeek.net
Tres Geek                                             http://tresgeek.net/

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